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I travel
- most recently in Mexico, US, India, New Zealand and South America. You can follow my travels at and @catenjohn.

I do web stuff
- creating sites with web-standards and developing applications that run in web browsers or mobile devices. I've been developing these sort of things since about 1995 and I still get a kick out of building stuff with JavaScript, css and plain old semantic html.

I completed an MSc in 2004 and spent a few years doing user testing and user experience consulting. I'm interested in working with multidisciplinary teams although mostly I'm involved with either interface development or usability.

Back in 80s I designed the D90 - a coat that turned into a bag. It made it to the window of Paul Smith.

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my work

I'm now a Senior Front End Developer at Wunderman in London.

Before that I was Head of Interface Development at Syzygy - a London, UK web agency where I lead and mentored a team of 7 front-end developers.

I have worked for over 14 years in permanent and contract roles with some of the leading UK web agencies and user experience consultancies.


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